We believe children are our future.
We want to provide special activities for our children to think, plan and act on their own.
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Our goal is to give children a sense of emotional stability through play and rest, and to help them
achieve their dreams through creative programs
We will do this by pursuing the following principles:
– GROWING TREE® wants to help inspire children’s curiosity and imagination.
- The focus of GROWING TREE® is to empower children.
- GROWING TREE® wants to make sure that children have a positive, safe, and inclusive learning environment.
We are running the STEAM Programmes for children.

STEAM is an approach to thinking that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding children inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

We will provide special activities for children to think, plan and act for themselves.
After school schedule
Holiday schedule
Please or growingtree to enrol your children.
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Email: info@growingtree.co.nz | Phone: 09 947 5308
Address: 9G/20 Central Boulevard, Stanmore Bay, Silverdale 0932
Privacy and Confidentiality
Where you are an individual the authorities under this clause are authorities or consents for the purposes of the Privacy Act 1993.

I acknowledge that Information collected about children from their enrolment form is only used for the purposes of the GROWING TREE® and is kept in a secure place and will be available for parents/caregivers to check for accuracy if they would like. Information may also be shared with MSD staff for the purpose of an audit.
Terms and Conditions

Medical Permissions Minor Medical Treatment
hereby give my permission for the GROWING TREE® staff to treat my child if a minor accident occurs. In the case of a more urgent matter I understand an ambulance will be called first then I will be notified.

Prescribed Medication
If my child/children require medication I will fill in the appropriate “medicine consent form”, provided at GROWING TREE®. Staff will keep record of administration of medication. Although all care will be taken with the administration of medication I will not hold GROWING TREE® responsible.

Self Medication
I hereby notify sKids that my child carries medication with them and will self-medicate when necessary. I understand that my child is to let staff know when they self-medicate so that a record may be kept and any further instructions followed.

I understand that GROWING TREE® will at times have special trips and activities that occur away from the main site, i.e. excursions, group trips, evacuation. I understand that during Holiday Programmes children may be off site for a number of days each week and that GROWING TREE® will arrange transport. I hereby give permission for my child to travel in the GROWING TREE® arranged mode of transport.

Photographs of Children / Children’s work
GROWING TREE® regularly uses photographs and video. Children are also asked for feedback regarding our activities to ensure we are doing a good job. At times we may show these photos or videos or use them as part of our promotions. We may also show recordings and comments to families who wish to join GROWING TREE®


1. Fees to be paid in advance.

2. When fees are the equivalent of two weeks in arrears, the children’s place in the programme will no longer be made available to them, and the debt will be referred to a debt collection agency, unless a prior arrangement is made with management.

3. Please notify the centre if your child/children are going to be absent / sick / there is a change of hours.

4. Any costs incurred by us for the recovery of any outstanding/overdue accounts will be passed on to our customers

5. I will notify the centre in advance if a person not listed on the enrolment form will be collecting my children.

6. If a new person will be listed to pick up my children, I will notify the centre in writing.

7. GROWING TREE® does not accept sick children and I accept that the supervisor may require me to pick up my child if he/she appears unwell.

8. In the event of an injury, I accept that my child may be given first aid by GROWING TREE® staff. In case of serious illness or injury I give permission for GROWING TREE®staff to call an ambulance.

9. I understand that my children are in the care of GROWING TREE® from the time they are picked-up (in the case of After School Care) and cease being in care when dropped-off (in the case of Before School Care).

10. I give permission for GROWING TREE®staff to discuss my children with the school.

11. I give permission for my children’s work to be displayed at GROWING TREE® .

12. GROWING TREE® requires 2 weeks’ notice in writing if a child/children’s booking is being cancelled or modified, otherwise the current fee for that 2 week period will apply.

13. Absences will be charged at the applicable rate.

14. I declare that my children are not enrolled at any other OSCAR Programme for the same enrolled hours of attendance as above.

15. I acknowledge that the charge for being late (after 6:00 pm) is $1.00 per minute per child.

16. Complaints can be made on the official GROWING TREE®complaints form. Ask the staff for the form. Please mail complaints to the GROWING TREE®Office: G9 2 Milner Ave, Silverdale, attention Young or Joy.



1. Where does my child wait? A pick up point will be arranged with you when you enrol your child. This is normally as close as practically possible to the school office, or in the school office. Children MUST wait in the designated area so that the service can run on time. The driver is not able to search for children who wander off to the shops or to play with friends.

2. What time do you expect to arrive? In most cases we will arrive within five minutes of the bell. If pick up time is later, this will be arranged with you when you enrol.

3. What happens if the van is running late? We will inform the school and ask that the children be kept in the school office until we arrive.

4. What happens if a driver is sick or the vehicle breaks down? We will hire a public taxi. In this event, the school will be informed and we will ask the school to let the children wait in the reception area for the taxi to arrive. The driver will introduce himself to the school secretary before taking the children. A supervisor will be waiting outside the centre to take over the children from the driver.

5. What happens if a van/car breaks down while transporting children? The drivers have cell phones and will be able to contact management to determine the best course of action.

6. What happens if the van does not turn up? The children need to tell the school secretary if they have not been picked up on time. She has our number and will phone GROWING TREE® .

7. What happens if my primary school child is not at the pick up point? The driver will wait for a few minutes to see if your child turns up. After about five minutes the driver will try to find out where the child is by asking at the school office. The driver will also contact the centre manager in case there was a late message that your child will be absent. If we still cannot determine the whereabouts of your child we will inform the school and you will be contacted immediately and told that your child is missing.

8. What happens if my primary school child is missing and you cannot get hold of me? We will consult with the school and may possibly inform the police that a child is missing and we are unable to contact the parents.

9. What happens if my intermediate child is not at the pick up point? If your child is in intermediate school and has not arrived at the pick up point within ten minutes, we will notify you immediately that we have been unable to pick up your child and you will have to make arrangements to locate and pick up your child yourself.

10. Will GROWING TREE® help to look for my child? We do not have the resources to search for missing children however we will remain in touch with you until your child is found.

11. What if my child has detention? Unfortunately we are not able to go back for children who are on detention. We will notify you that we have been unable to pick up your child, and you will have to make arrangements to collect the child yourself.

12. What if it rains? On very wet days children must wait for the driver in the school office. Please make your children aware that the run may be late if it is very wet as it takes longer to collect children from the office. You may also want to reassure them that we will pick them up!

13. What happens if I forget to let you know that my child is sick/has sport/is going home early? The drivers have a tight schedule and it takes a lot of time to try to sort out whether a child should have been picked up or not. To help us maintain a smooth service it is vitally important that you inform us if your child is not to be picked up. If we have to spend a lot of time trying to find out where your child is and whether he/she is missing, your child may lose their pick up privileges. Rule of thumb: if your child is sick, let us know; if you are picking up your child yourself, let us know; if your child has sport, let us know – in other words, if you know that we are not picking up your child, we should know this too!